The vision

Bulldozers aims to influence and provide added value to the field of construction and infrastructure. Through an innovative application, we would like to connect various entities in the industry - from private clients, equipment owners to large contracting companies - all of which will be able to rent equipment directly from equipment owners, who usually experience many working days in which their equipment does not work at all.


First and foremost, we want to generate an additional stream of income for professionals, who until now depended on word-of-mouth recommendations and brokerage fee payments to the recommenders. In addition, we have set ourselves the goal of bringing transparency and fairness to the industry - through articles and tips, recommended prices, information on insurance and everything related to buying, renting and owning heavy machinery and construction equipment.

The idea

Since the application is based on a rating of professionals by the customers, as soon as you receive a recommendation you can know for sure that the professional works in a responsible and professional manner. The idea for the app was born out of a shortage and the state of the industry today - there is a sense of chaos, a lot of uncertainty on the part of the customers and fear that the work will not be done, many of us have heard of horror stories about service providers who have disappeared, exorbitant prices and lack of professionalism. The Bulldozers group, which consists of veterans in the field, decided to use the forefront of communication and through an application to bring order to the industry, to create a situation where all parties involved benefit.