Contractors, Entrepreneurs and Companies:

Renting equipment can be the most important step you will take towards starting a project. Whether it is a new construction or only renovations, there is a chance that the rental of the equipment will be the critical point for the success of the project. We may need special equipment one time or for several projects.

Heavy equipment owners and Operators

Every owner of heavy equipment knows that when the equipment or tool in his possession is inactive, he does not earn money but spends it - high costs of insurance and maintenance are associated expenses that involve owning heavy equipment. Renting the tools solves these costs and is even very profitable as well.

Private customers and private companies.

Here at Bulldozers, we want you to feel calm and have confidence when you rent construction equipment and operators service for your project, for this purpose the Bulldozers application was invented - to bring order to the construction and infrastructure industry, to bring transparency that creates a fair working environment for all parties.


The Bulldozers app filters the professionals according to customer reviews and ratings, the job will get done professionally without relying on a recommendation from an acquaintance and without paying a brokerage fee.


At Bulldozers, if you provide quality and professional service, work will seek you out. Your equipment won’t stop working. Through Bulldozers, customers can rent your equipment in advance - there is no need to worry about advertising - it's on us.

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